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A typical daily routine on the Dakar





Careful time management is essential during the Dakar. The diversity of the landscapes and stages makes every day different, but there is a certain consistency to the daily routine.


- 4am: wake up (bivouac)

- From 4am to 7am: breakfast / competitors start the stage

- From 5am to 10am: gear packed and bivouac stripped / onward flight to the next overnight camp

- From 10am to noon: the organisational team arrives at the next bivouac

- From 2pm: competitors begin to arrive

- From 3pm: BFGoodrich® Dakar Service Center opens for tyre fitting and removal

- From 3pm: first guests arrive / guided tours of the bivouac

- 6pm: briefing

- 7pm: dinner in the canteen

- Evening: darkness sets in very quickly and the evenings are spent around campfires or in tents after a (cold) shower, although some people have to work up to and beyond midnight!




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