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  • Why does BFGoodrich display fewer results?
  • We typically show fewer tires in our results list than on other websites because safety is our primary focus. We know our products, and if we know your vehicle or tire size, then we’re confident that we can give you a clear recommendation specific to your needs. Other websites may recommend more options than we do, but we feel that our recommendations are aligned with the OE (Original Equipment) vehicle and tire specifications and are the best choices for your vehicle among the products we offer.
  • What is the difference between “Recommended Tires” and “Acceptable Alternative Tires”?
  • Recommended Tires - These tires match the vehicle and tire specification as originally installed by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

    Acceptable Alternative Tires - The sizes and/or speed ratings of tires designated as acceptable alternatives may vary slightly from the specified OE (Original Equipment) size shown on the vehicle placard. Your local Tire Dealer, as a trained professional, will provide the required assistance to install the tire listed by:

    1. Notifying the vehicle owner if the replacement tires are different in speed rating than the OE (Original Equipment) tires and the maximum speed capability of the vehicle is limited to the lower speed rated tires;

    2. Determining if any inflation pressure adjustments are necessary with the alternate listed size.
  • Why should I choose a BFGoodrich recommendation?
  • Appropriate – the tire we recommend can be successfully fitted to your car in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

    Easy to understand – instead of showing you a long list of tires, we propose the tires that are most suitable for you.

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