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In order to find your vehicle's options please check the following:<br/>- The vehicle's tire placard, which is located on the vehicle door edge, door post, glove box, or fuel door.<br/>- A decal or lettering that indictaes the options usually located on the side or rear of the vehicle.<br/>-  The vehicle owner manual or your original sales invoice
This three-digit number represents the width of the tire in millimeters (mm), measured from sidewall to sidewall. Since this measure is affected by the width of the rim, the measurement is done when the tire is on its intended rim size.  <div><img src="/assets/bfg/system/images/contextual-help/R2-width.png" /></div>The aspect ratio is the relationship of a tire's sidewall height to its section width, expressed as a percentage. In this example, the tire sidewall height is approximately 55% of the tire width. The higher the number, the taller the sidewall; the lower the number, the lower the sidewall.<div><img src="/assets/mi/system/images/contextual-help/R2-aspect.png" /></div>The diameter of the rim in inches.<div><img src="/assets/mi/system/images/contextual-help/R2-diameter.png" /></div>
All tires fall into certain categories. If you want to do a broad search of our tire lines, use the list below.

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